Name Giving Ceremonies

The name giving ceremony responds to the cultural and community need to welcome a child into the family and the world to remind all concerned of the great responsibility involved in bringing up a child, and to recognise and appoint those who will have an important role in the child’s development.

The name giving ceremony conducted by a celebrant is a fulfilling experience and a significant responsibility. Family relationships are deepened and the parents and godparents become more fully aware of their responsibilities toward the child.

The name giving ceremony can take place at any time from the birth of the child to age 18. It is an excellent occasion for the cultural expression of joy, hope and acceptance.

Parents may wish to have godparents for the child. You may wish to appoint any of your close family or friends as godparents. Godparents are traditionally mentors that you, as a parent, have decided to help guide and mentor your child through life.

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Following services will be provided to you:

> One hour appointment at my home to discuss ceremony particulars
> A choice of ceremonies
> A hand-bound ceremony booklet chosen by the parents to keep and preserve
> Name Giving Certificate for the child
> Name Giving Certificate for the parents
> Name Giving Certificate for the godparent

Yasmin performed a Naming Ceremony for our baby daughter who was 6 months at the time. It all went very well and the ceremony was a success. Our friends also commented on how nice it was.